Hot Connection Indicator Fitting Instructions


Hold the HCI by its arm


Carefully push the HCI onto the cable between 15-50mm from its connection


Fit HCIs on all connections

Hot Connection Indicators give warning of high temperature connections by colour change e.g.

Purple / blue is Normal (OK), Pink indicates high temperature (Warning).


Normal Temperature HCIs


Right hand side HCI is Pink indicating High Temperature Connection

If any Hot Connection Indicator is heated (pink) seek advice from a qualified electrical person or the equipment owner.

Not Suitable for Unprotected Use Outside or in Direct Sunlight. Vulnerable to attack by Ultra-Violet Light (UV)

NOTE; This device will not prevent electrical fires but will aid in monitoring abnormal temperatures and will only give visual indication of plant faults and potential fire risks.

The Hot Connection Indicator does not replace the need to formally install, test and inspect electrical installations as per the Electricity at Work and Electrical Installation Wiring Regulations.