FAQs - General Questions

Are HCI’s easy to fit?

HCI’s are extremely easy to fit. They simple push fit on to a cable.  No disconnection required. See our fitting instructions.

What size cables will HCIs fit?

HCI’s are designed to be fitted on all sized cables between 1mm2 and 70mm2 cross sectional areas as follows;

HCI H1; 1mm2 to 4mm2 csa standard cables.

HCI H2; 6mm2 to 16mm2 csa standard cables.

HCI H3; 25mm2 to 70mm2 csa standard cables &

10mm2 to 35mm2 (Meter Tails) double insulated cables.

Note; Additionally and depending on different cable manufacturers, the H3 HCI may fit onto 16mm2 csa standard cable.

What do I do if a fitted HCI changes colour?

If the HCI colour has changed to pink (indicating real time or historic high temperature) we strongly recommend having its associated electrical connection checked for tightness and condition by an approved electrician.  Once the electrical connection has been investigated/repaired/confirmed as safe replace the pink HCI for new.

How long will a HCI last?

An HCI will last for many years though we do recommend replacing your HCI’s during periodic electrical installation inspection (usually 3 – 5 yearly).

I'm interested in buying large quantities.

We offer price breaks for multiple purchases.  This is reflected when ordering on the website.  If you require large quantities (1000+) please get in touch to discuss.

General Technical Questions

Why 55°C and 70°C Colour Change?

55°C aligns with the common maximum operating temperature of the switchgear.

70°C aligns with the maximum operating temperature of standard cable.

HCI Comparison Indication

The HCI’s application handle extends away from the main body and is a convenient colour activated visual comparison reference point between the pink body and the purple application handle if the HCI has been heated.  This assists easy visual identification between normal and abnormal conditions.

Electrical Insulation Testing?

The HCI is manufactured from polypropylene a natural electrical insulator and has been tested to 1000Vdc between the inner and outer faces (worst case position).

Short Term Heat Durability

The HCI is durable to short-term heating that may be caused by electrical selectivity / discrimination and will not permanently change colour unless it has been subject to temperatures above 70°C for at least 15-20 seconds (depending on the actual temperature / heat energy and the time it takes the heat to radiate into the HCI body).