FAQs - General Qustions

Are HCI’s easy to fit?

HCI’s are extremely easy to fit. They simple push fit on to a cable.  No disconnection required. See our fitting instructions.

How many HCI’s do I need?

A basic domestic household installation of one intake fuse and electricity meter will require approximately 10 HCI’s.  More complex installations may require 20 HCI’s depending on the installation design.

How often should I inspect my HCIs?

Regular inspection of installed HCIs can highlight early high temperature electrical connection problems long before failure or fire.

Initially we recommend that HCIs are checked daily and during high load periods (when using many appliances or when storage heaters are on).  Following this, and if your HCIs and connection have been OK we recommend checking HCIs every few days or weekly again during high load periods.

What HCI do I need?

70°C is for Standard Electrical Installations and aligns the HCI temperature with the maximum cable operating temperatures.

40°C is for Extra Sensitive Electrical Installations that supply special risks (safety essential supply equipment, care homes, hospitals) though can also be used in low power Standard Electrical Installations.

What do I do if a fitted HCI changes colour?

The HCI will change colour at the designed set point temperature (70˚C or 40˚C).  If your HCI is showing the set point temperature colour (pink) we strongly recommend that you get it’s associated electrical connection checked by an approved electrician.

How long will a HCI last?

An HCI will last for many years though we do recommend replacing your HCI’s during periodic electrical installation inspection (usually 3 – 5 yearly).

Can I test my HCI?

Yes, you can test your HCI’s by removing them and placing them near/on a heated surface (radiator or similar warm/heated object) or inside a low temperature oven. They change colour to pink upon reaching their set point temperature (70˚C or 40˚C).   Please remember to carefully replace your HCI’s back onto your cables once they have cooled.

I'm interested in buying large quantities.

We offer price breaks for multiple purchases.  This is reflected when ordering on the website.  If you require large quantities (1000+) please get in touch to discuss.

What size cables will HCIs fit?

The HCI is designed to fit onto 8mm to 13.5mm diameter cables.  That equates to the following sizes of single core cables; 6181 Double Insulated: 10mm2 to 35mm2 cables, 6491 Single Insulated: 25mm2 to 70mm2 cables.  Smaller HCIs designed to fit onto 2mm to 8mm diameter (1mm2 to 16mm2) cables will soon be available.

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