Helping to Protect Lives, Homes & Businesses from Electrical Connection Fires

Hot Connection Indicators

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See with the Naked Eye if Electrical Connections are heated

Temperature Colour Changing Indicators that highlight Heated / Loose Electrical Connections

The Hot Connection Indicator is a simple Electrical Fire Safety product that is specifically designed to highlight to the naked eye, by colour change, high temperature / loose electrical connections.

The Hot Connection Indicator simply push fits onto a cable or wire, next to its connection point, no disconnection required.  It will then indicate visually by colour change if the connection is heated above a set temperature.  They are ideal to be used on electrical connections within distribution boards and consumer units.

Include Hot Connection Indicators into routine visual inspection of electrical equipment and be aware of developing loose connections 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

HCI at Normal Temperature (Purple)

Hot Connection Indicator at Normal Temperature

HCI at Heated Temperature (Pink)

Hot Connection Indicator at Heated Temperature

See with the naked eye if Electrical Connections are hot.

Use Hot Connection Indicators as an alternative to, or to complement, periodic thermal camera inspections of electrical installations.

Hot Connection Indicators monitor Electrical Connections 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Are You Aware of the Fire Risks associated with Electrical Intake and Meter Tail Cable Connections!

Please see the Fire & Rescue Services, Chief Fire Officers Association and Electrical safety First Incidents and details on the “Real Incidents” page.

Conditions detectable by the Hot Connection Indicator

  • Loose electrical connections
  • Deteriorated electrical connections
  • Electrical overloads
  • Inductive heating
  • Harmonic heating
  • Defective electrical contacts
  • Cable overload (undersized cable)

Benefits of the Hot Connection Indicator

  • Low cost
  • 24hr, 7-day week monitoring
  • Simple push fit onto cables (no disconnection required)
  • Easy retrospective fitting onto existing cable connections
  • Early warning of connection deterioration
  • Prevention of Fires caused by overheating
  • Prevention of Plant breakdowns

Hot Connection Indicators (HCI)


  • 12 x HCIs – £4.95 – £5.65
  • 20 x HCIs – £6.75 – 7.75
  • HCI Consumer Unit Pack – £9.95

12 Boxed HCIs
12 Boxed HCIs
Pack of 20 HCIs
Pack of 20 HCIs